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Stars Therapy Services

An infant and toddler developmental program that provides early intervention services for children from birth to three years of age who have delays in one or more areas of development

Our Mission

Providing quality early infant intervention through motivation, education and creative thinking while maintaining cultural sensitivity.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to set the standard for the best infant and toddler developmental program in the Nation.

Our Program

Stars Infant Program is a bilingual, specialized, Early Intervention service. We are a provider offering our services throughout the entire county. We established our program to meet the unique needs for families with children during the first three years of life.

Stars Infant Program works one-on-one with each individual child, in their natural home environment, while maintaining 100% parent participation. We strive to work as a team with families towards the advancement of each individual child’s development.

Stars Infant Program gathers the best Early Interventionists throughout the county to provide quality intervention services for families in need. Our Interventionists have experience in different fields such as: psychology, education, human behavior, child family development, special education, and marriage family counseling. All of our interventionists are committed to providing enriched services to the families they serve.